Admin ASC 2 Code
Orig. name Alishing
Country and Admin Code AF.35.7732577 AF

World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II . 2014.

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  • Alishing District — is located in 21 km from Mihtarlam, the provincial centre of Laghman Province, and borders Kabul Province. It borders with Kabul and Kapisa provinces to the West, Dawlat Shah District to the North, Alingar District to the East and Mihtarlam… …   Wikipedia

  • Laghman Province — Laghman ( fa. لغمان) is one of the thirty four provinces of Afghanistan. Located in the eastern portion of Afghanistan, the capital is Mihtarlam. The province is composed of several districts including: Alingar, Alishing, Dawlat Shah, Mihtarlam,… …   Wikipedia

  • Dawlat Shah District — is located approximately 74 km from Mehterlam, the provincial centre of Laghman Province. It is a mountainous district and borders Nuristan Province to the North and North East, Alingar District to the East, Alishing District to the South… …   Wikipedia

  • Mihtarlam District — Mehterlam district is located in the center of Laghman Province and consists of the urban centre and provincial capital Mihtarlam and 24 major villages and 269 sub villages. Mihtarlam derives its name from Mihtarlam baba (Lamech), who was… …   Wikipedia

  • Alingar — Caractéristiques Longueur  ? Bassin 6 500 km2 Bassin collecteur l Indus …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Nuristan Province — This page is about the province in Afghanistan. Nuristan is also a proposed name of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. Coordinates: 35°15′N 70°45′E / 35.25°N 70.75°E …   Wikipedia

  • Orūzgān Province — Coordinates: 32°48′N 66°00′E / 32.8°N 66.0°E / 32.8; 66.0 …   Wikipedia

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